Flexible Friday

I woke up yesterday, not really sure how the day was going to pan out. I had warned daycare that I was not going to wake Joshua, that he would be waking naturally, whatever time that might be. But I had been assured that his 1to1 would be in work anyway and so he could come to daycare when ever he was ready, or not at all. With this adaptable approach, I relaxed and went with the flow. I went for my normal morning walk with the dogs and on my return at 7.45, both boys were still fast asleep. Joshua woke just before 10am and so I took him his Weetabix in bed, determined to gauge whether he would feel well enough, after the previous day’s Midazolam, to get up or if he would snuggle back down once he had a full tummy, as was often the case. I was greeted in his bedroom by a happy Joshua and I knew immediately that he would be up for daycare.

He ate his breakfast quickly, then I dressed him. My husband drove him into daycare as I had a doctors appointment in the morning. I had a lovely time, I cycled to the surgery and when I was home again, I cut the grass. There was a Mermaid sea swim at 3pm and as my husband had offered to collect Joshua too, I packed up to go for a swim too. This was my fourth sea swim with the Mermaids and it was the warmest day and the calmest sea so far – I even abandoned my bobble hat! There must have been about ten of us , including two newbies, so I felt like an old hand with my three previous swims under my belt. We stayed in the water for around 15 minutes and as it was so calm, it was possible to actually swim. They are such a friendly group that we sat chatting on the sand, as we got dressed and then I handed round homemade chocolate brownies. It was a perfect way to spend my free time and the boys were just home again, when I got back.

Joshua had enjoyed daycare and had been no more sleepy than usual, so we had made the right decision, for everyone, to send him in. I love it when a spontaneous day works out well, as there is no pressure at all, we just go with the flow. There are days when there are appointments or plans to follow, but naturally I am much more in favour of waking up and seeing what the day brings. Once there is a deadline to be somewhere by a particular time, then that looms large and the countdown begins. In most cases, it is not possible to be too fluid over time – tables are booked for a particular time, Doctors appointments are fixed and ferries are booked for a specific crossing. So it is a real treat for me when some says come round 1ish or like daycare telling me to bring him just when he is ready, I find that flexibility, really liberating.

So from not knowing what the post-Midazolam day was going to bring, it turned out really well for both Joshua and me.

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