Let the Adventure Begin

One of the great things about no longer working and Joshua being in daycare is that we are no longer tied to school holidays, so we can go away when it is quieter and to suit us. So yesterday morning we packed up the car and we have come away to the seaside. We have always been lucky that Joshua is a patient traveller as we left home at 9.30 am and did not arrive at our destination until 5.30 pm, but he dozed most of the way and listens to music and eats snacks, like us, when he is awake. He was delighted when we stopped at the motorway services for a short break and some lunch. He waved and gave a thumbs up to everyone we passed on the way in and out and ate his chicken too, with no complaints when we re-boarded the car half an hour later. It was pouring all day so the motorway conditions were unpleasant but we managed to catch the ferry that I had booked. But when we arrived at our final destination, I was thrilled to be greeted by blue skies and sunshine, as if this was our own piece of paradise.

Joshua has been coming here all of his life, so he was very excited to arrive and he explored downstairs while my husband and I unloaded the car and put things away. He got re-acquainted with his own bedroom and he seemed very pleased with our choice. After we had eaten our tea, I made up all the beds and Joshua followed me around as I moved from room to room, supervising my unpacking of clothes too., while the exhausted driver napped. Soon we felt that we had never been away from our home from home.

As it was still a beautiful evening, I suggested that we take the dogs out for a short walk to the local park, with Joshua walking rather than being in his wheelchair. He was hesitant as we walked passed the car, but then he was happy to go on this family outing. As we walked slowly along he looked up and shouted “Moon” as he had spotted the moon appearing in the still blue sky and he was very pleased with himself to be the first of us to notice it. We walked arm in arm for about 5 minutes when we had got to the top of a hill where he sat on a bench to admire the sea view – it was such a beautiful evening. When he was ready to move on, we completed the short loop and walked home again. It was far enough for him these days, and I would like to think that we could complete this stroll every evening before dark for his exercise and sea air. I am sure he slept better as a result of his walk, having had the whole day sitting in the car.

So, let the holidays begin….

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