Ours is not to wonder why

I love it when Joshua shows his own free spirit and does things that surprise us. He did that twice yesterday and brought a big smile to my face:

  1. We had spent the entire morning cleaning and packing up, while Joshua looked on, entertained by his DVDs. Once we had almost finished , we decided to walk down to the beach and to have some lunch and a swim in the sea. Joshua objected first of all to going out in the wheelchair, but the dog friendly beaches in the summer season, which began 1st May, are a fair distance away and too far for him to walk unaided. Once on the prom he decided that he wanted to walk and push the chair rather than ride and he chose the cafĂ© that we would stop at. It turned out to be a good choice and we ate a tasty lunch right on the prom, beside the sea. Once we had eaten, we continued on our walk to the dog beach and Joshua obliged, now that he was full. The tide was almost fully in when we arrived but there was enough sand still to tie the dogs up and to change into our swimwear. Joshua sat on the sea wall watching intently as we braved the cold sea, which incredibly warms up so soon after getting in. We were soon in a depth to swim and kept waving and shouting at Joshua. He decided to stand on the shore and was happily watching us, when a big wave came into shore and covered his feet in water up to his ankles. I saw it happen and was concerned until I saw his face, which was laughing – he loved it. The next big wave , as my husband was going in to move him back, soaked his boots and trousers up to his knees! It was as though he was saying ‘I am having beach fun of my own you know?!’ We came in soon afterwards so if it had been a ploy to get our attention back onto him, it had been successful. As I was walking in, I saw my husband’s look of horror looking behind me and I turned to see a huge wave come crashing into me. I did not realise until I got out of the water, but I had forgotten to remove my glasses, and when I had to squint because of the bright sun, I realised that the wave had swept my prescription sunglasses off my face!
  2. We caught a 5pm ferry home and so we were well on our way when we decided to stop at Joshua’s beloved Donalds for some tea and a break on the motorway. He was delighted at our choice and he excitedly awaited our food order. When he was about halfway through his meal, three teenaged girls, all in short shorts, sat directly outside the window from us and Joshua was memorised by them and their legs. He started to feed himself his burger and fries, independently, whereas I had been feeding small pieces in for him. He ate everything up despite not being able to take his eyes off them and continually giving them a thumbs up. As we walked passed them , towards the car, we heard a deep voice say ‘Bye!’ and it was Joshua bidding this harem farewell in his deepest, sexiest voice. The teenagers loved it and shouted ‘Awww, bye’ back to him so he was happy as he re-boarded the car ready for a long journey home. It is moments like this when we are forced to confront the reality that Joshua has the natural feelings of any 21 year old , and that even though we are still changing and feeding him, he is certainly a young man at heart and this incident was a useful reminder of that.

We are now back home again and Joshua will hopefully, assuming he is not too exhausted by his late night and long drive home, he will return to daycare this morning, to be reunited with his new friends, after a week away. This will be the first time that he has not been by my side for ten days and I am looking forward to getting my hair , and the grass, cut today while he is busy having fun elsewhere.

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