Back in the Swing of Things

So the day after coming home from holidays and it is all back to normal : I washed and dried five loads of washing during the day, despite washing our bedding and towels while we were there. Joshua was in bed just before midnight but then he did not go to sleep until nearer 2am, possibly because he had spent the day before dozing in the car for most of the day. So I was not surprised when he was still asleep at 9am and I had warned daycare that we might be late in. But when he did wake up at 9.15, he was jolly and raring to go; he opened his eyes and immediately asked for ‘porridge’, which I had bubbling on the hob ready. He ate it all up and then when I told him that he was going to ‘Play’, he swung his legs out of bed , ready to get dressed.

In the end we were only 15 minutes later than usual and he waited excitedly as we knocked on the door, waiting for one of his familiar members of staff to unlock the door and let him inside. He gave them a giant grin when they opened the door and they immediately said how much they had missed him. We went inside and gave them some holiday presents to share between the staff and other learners and they had received his postcard too. He happily waved me off as I turned to leave and he gave me two bear hugs as I left. It gives me such a warm glow walking away from daycare, knowing that he loves it there ; The staff adore him there and it is reciprocated.

I did a supermarket shop to fill up our empty cupboards and fridge, on the way home and then I had planned to mow the grass, but it was pouring with rain when I got back, so that spoilt my outdoor plans. Instead I spent a frustrating hour on the telephone chasing O2 about my faulty mobile phone, which is the kind of job that is impossible to do with Joshua around as I had the tiny Sim card out of the phone and he would have been cross for me to be talking on the telephone for so long. Once I had resolved the problem, I put on another load of holiday washing, then I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut. My husband and I had a lunch of soup together when I got back then it was already time to head back to collect Joshua, so he went for him while I continued my chores at home.

Joshua was happy when he got home but as usual, he needed to nap when he came home so I put Nemo on in his den and he lay on the settee, where he was soon snoring. We all three took the opportunity to have a siesta too, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to make him some tea. He ate everything up greedily, even though the diary said that he had eaten well at daycare. He still snacked throughout the evening, asking for ‘crisps’ and ‘chocolate’. Joshua was tucked up in bed again around 9.30pm and settled more quickly than normal, happy but tired after getting back into his normal routine.

I am confident that Joshua enjoyed his holiday, but as ever, he is happy to come home and to pick up where he left off, the change in routine does not seem to have upset his equilibrium too much.

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