Anniversaries of key dates in your life stand out to you like markers of the passage of time. All of your life, from being a small child, your birthday is a significant date for you and you look forward to it so much, counting the days before it comes. Your date of birth is so memorable and personal to you. I recall one time I was writing a fax at work on my birthday – yes I am old enough to hand write faxes! – and instead of writing the correct year after the day and month, I automatically wrote in the year of my birth without thinking . The client who received the fax spotted it immediately and teased me saying that he now knew how old I was.

Our wedding anniversary is a key date for us as a couple, though I do not expect anybody else to remember it and send us a card, not now that Mum has passed away. It is with a sense of achievement that each year of marriage passes, we will have been married for 27 years this coming October. Sadly our silver wedding passed during lockdown so we did not celebrate with a party or the holiday of a lifetime.

Another date that always sticks in my mind is 4 March 2014, when Joshua had his brain surgery at Great Ormond Street. It is significant as one of the most terrifying days of my life and one that we are grateful for, as it has considerably changed the pattern of his seizures, and therefore has altered his life. The day after, 5 th March , was the date my life changed forever, when our beautiful son was born and we began a new journey in SEN parenthood.

I never forgot the date that I started my job in market research : 2 January 1990. I walked in a frightened young graduate, looking for work experience, and I retired from that same company, over 31 years later!

Two other dates that are significant within our family are the dates that we lost our parents : 23 November 2014 for Dad and 24 May 2019 for Mum. These dates will never pass by without thinking of them both; remembering the brilliant childhoods that they gave me and my sister, how supportive they both were to our life choices as we grew up and how much we miss them everyday. Each anniversary somebody will comment on ‘that went quickly’ or ‘Is it really that long ago?’, but we have keenly felt everyday that they have not been around . Rest in Peace xxx

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