A Narrow Escape

Unusually I found myself free to swim with The Mermaids during the evening last night, so I planned to join them on the beach at 6.15pm, rather than my usual 6am slot. Joshua napped after daycare, as usual, so he was asleep on the settee as I left and my husband was upstairs getting ready to go out. I enjoyed my swim very much, although the water was not as warm as I expected it to be by the evening. I met a new pod of Mermaids as the early ones do not tend to also swim in the evening, but these were just as friendly as my morning swimmers. I did not get dressed afterwards, like I usually do, instead I drove home in my towel, planning an immediate shower.

As I drove up our lane, my husband was standing by the gate clearly waiting for me. He greeted me with the news that, while he was in the shower, Joshua had woken up and ,probably looking for me, had opened the front door and the dogs had escaped out into the yard , then onto the road. He had retrieved them all, but I had left the gate open as I was only going to be away for 30 minutes. We are lucky to live on a quiet lane but cars do come tearing down it too fast. It could have been a disaster if Joshua had got out too or if one of the dogs had been run over, but thankfully, neither had happened. But all the positive effects of my swim, soon disappeared to return to news of this chaotic scene.

When I got inside the house, having removed my wetsuit, I found Joshua with his eyes closed, still on the settee where I had left him so that was very confusing. But when I spoke he opened his eyes so he was just dozing, or pretending. So in future if I go out, even for 5 minutes, we must :

  • Lock the door behind us, even if there are people inside
  • Shut the gates, so that even if Joshua or the dogs escaped the house, they could not get onto the road
  • Check that Joshua is safe/asleep before taking a shower

This was a narrow escape but serves as a useful warning of what can go wrong in the blink of an eye and why we need to protect Joshua by depriving him of his liberty. I have a form to complete for DoL ( Deprivation of Liberty) which arrived earlier in the week but I have not opened yet, which I will give my full attention, as this incident shows that we need to take extra measures to keep him safe. These are the kind of measures that you would take with a toddler in fact, not usually a 21 year old.

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