Jubilee Celebration 1

This afternoon, parents have been invited to Joshua’s daycare, to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and yesterday I baked buns and crown-shaped shortbread as my contribution to the party food. We are asked to wear red, white and blue to the party and I am looking forward to it for several different reasons:

  • It is the first event that daycare have held since Joshua started there in February this year, and so this will be the first time that we will meet other parents/carers and will see all of the staff together. I do not have the same need to socialise with other parents that I felt at school, but it will be good to put parent faces together with the learners who share Joshua’s bubble.
  • It is the first time that Joshua’s Nanna and my sister will see Joshua’s daycare, as they are both coming too, and they have heard so much about it and how much Joshua loves it there. It will not be a normal daycare day for him but I hope that he finds the games, face painting and bubbles fun and so they can see him in his element , the same as I see him each day that I drop him off and pick him up. They will be able to see how brilliant the staff there are and how much Joshua adores them, and they love him in return.
  • I am beginning to get into the party mood for this jubilee, as I am loving the bunting and flags that are all around our home home, including a fabulous crocheted crown-top for the letter box on the high street. I enjoy fancy dress so the themed co-ordinated outfits will be fun. We are getting involved in several jubilee events over the weekend, so this will start the celebrations off nicely and it looks as though it will be a fun week.
  • I know that Joshua does not know who the Queen is or what a platinum jubilee is, but I love the fact that he is still getting a party, like everyone else, despite that. He will pick up on the party mood and I hope that he does not object to his family turning up at his daycare and cramping his style.

So I am off now to decorate my chocolate butterfly buns…….

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