Jubilee Celebrations Part 1.5

When I dropped Joshua off at daycare in the morning, the staff were all busy preparing for the party. There was one lady putting up paper chains and bunting outside on her own in the wind, so I offered my help as I was leaving but she said that she was awaiting gazeboes and could manage. So I left them to it and came home again. I had a cup of tea, made an insurance claim for my lost glasses, walked the dogs outside and did a little gardening, before it was time to change into my red ,white and blue outfit : I wore a navy and white dress with a red cardigan and some red shoes and I leant Nanna my red dress and red coat.

The sky turned black as we headed off and the heavens opened with torrential rain as we approached daycare. As a result they had made a quick change of plan and moved indoors to a function room in the community centre. It was sad to walk past all the soggy paper chains and bunting, as they had put so much work into making it festive. But they worked miracles with the function room too, as in a short space of time, they had decorated it and laid out the buffet from donations of sweet and savoury food.

There was a DJ who as well as playing party music, which made you want to dance, would organise games such as musical statues and limbo under a rainbow coloured sheet. Special guests arrived including Elsa from Frozen, Spongebob Squarepants and two footballers from the local team, all offering photo opportunities. There was a lifesized cardboard cutout of the Queen who featured in lots of funny photographs.

It was a great party and Joshua loved it too, he was grinning from start to finish and we were the last family to leave. He looked surprised at first to see us at daycare but then he was happy about his guests and we got lots of hugs and we danced together. I needn’t have worried that he would be upset by our presence at daycare or by the change in his normal routine, he embraced it all. He came home with us when we left the party at 3pm and he was ready for his usual nap as soon as he arrived home.

The staff at Daycare should all be congratulated for putting on a fabulous event, for adapting to the unpredictable British weather and for involving parents and carers too. It started off our Jubilee celebrations well and I can now look forward to more daycare parties in the future.

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