Living the Dream

I cannot remember the last time that I had almost a full day to myself, just me, and I loved it. I could not go for my early walk as my husband was away, so Joshua would have been unattended. Instead I cut the grass early in the morning – we have no neighbours to disturb! Joshua woke up on cue at 8.30am, having shoved me out of my own bed at 3.30! I dropped Joshua off at daycare where I thanked them again for the jubilee party, and then I skipped away for ‘My Day’.

I started with a supermarket shop at Aldi, leisurely browsing the aisles, with no distractions. I even had time for those central aisles of random things, which I normally skip past, and I treated the dogs to some new dog toys and a travel bed. I drove home again and unpacked the shopping, stripped my mother in law’s bed and put a load of washing on. I had arranged to meet an ex-colleague for an early lunch so I picked her up from work and we drove to a seaside cafe . We chatted happily, catching up on each other’s news and we enjoyed a tasty lunch too. I bought her an ice cream for pudding and as the sky was blue and the sun was out by the time we had finished, I drove her back to work with the roof down – which was a real treat as she did not think she had ever been in a convertible before in her life, let alone while eating a strawberry cornet! We were both living the dream, even though she had to work in the afternoon, but that reminded me of my freedom.

I spoke to my husband on his way back from his Mum’s house and he offered to collect Joshua from daycare, en route home. So that gave me bonus ‘me time’ that I was not expecting. I was able to take the dogs for a sunny walk for an hour, to make up for the missed one in the morning. When we got back, I put the rug out on the lawn and lay in the sun for 5 minutes, with dogs jumping on me. They would not let me doze but I had a lovely relax, before I started to tidy the garden with my trimmer.

At 4.30 Joshua and my husband arrived home, so I had had six and a half hours to fill with how I pleased. That might not sound like very much but after the years of self-isolating and caring for Joshua 24/7, that is a real treat and I loved having the peaceful house to myself, with just the dogs for companions. And now this morning, I am up early enough to participate in an early Mermaid swim in the sea too, which will set me up for today too. When you are retired, bank holidays like today and tomorrow, do not make any difference, except that there are more events laid on, more holidaymakers in our seaside town and the shops are not all open. We can expect our lane to be busy with cars, as families pile up to our neighbour’s farm for the opportunity to feed the goats and sheep and clamber on straw bales. I hope that everyone is able to live the dream on this double bank holiday long weekend, as there are plenty of events organised to be able to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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