Jubilee Celebrations parts 2 & 3

Having had two consecutive weekday bank holidays now, I am totally bewildered over what day of the week we are up to and each of them have felt like a Saturday to me! On Thursday evening we went down to the seafront of our home town to watch the Jubilee celebrations : the lighting of the beacon and some fireworks too. We did not get down there until 8.30pm, and we were greeted by a funfair in the leisure centre car park and crowds of people. There was a band singing on the back of a trailer and we wandered around to see what was going on. There was a chilly wind on the promenade so Joshua kept pulling me into the amusements to warm up. He decided that he wanted some chips but madly, given the crowds, none of the chip shops had stayed open late!

At 9.45pm the mayor lit the beacon, to rapturous applause and it went up well. It was exciting to know that our hometown was just one of 3500 jubilee beacons being lit across the world and all of the UK beacons were lit at 9.45 pm, so we felt connected to something much bigger and it made me rather emotional.

There were fireworks at 10pm but Joshua was cold by then and ready for home – it was an hour after he was usually in bed! So we walked back to the car and drove around to where we could watch the display in the warm car, with the windows open. It was a well organised and well attended event.

Then yesterday we drove up to our holiday cottage to continue our long weekend, with no daycare for the bank holiday. We left home early – well, 9am which is early for us to be packed and dressed – and thankfully the roads were empty, so we were here before midday. We had time to unpack the car and change into our red, white and blue outfits and we were back out again. We collected our next door neighbour and drove to the local pub, where we met friends for our Jubilee afternoon tea. The pub was surprisingly quiet, given the amazing afternoon tea that was produced, all on a wooden platter. There was a mountain of savoury treats then cakes galore, we were totally spoilt. Joshua would not eat any savoury snacks, but devoured all of the chocolate cake!

We stayed most of the afternoon, picking away at the delicious homemade treats and chatting and reminiscing. It was a really lovely afternoon and it was fun that our widowed neighbour joined us too. We all needed a lie down when we got back home, so the long grass did not get mowed for another day.

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