Three Firsts

Yesterday, three exciting things happened for the first time :

  1. Joshua went swimming with Daycare for the first time! When we first looked around, we were told that there was a group who went swimming at the local leisure centre every week and this appealed to us. However, then lockdown happened and there was a two year delay and during that time, Joshua rarely went swimming for me and one time that he did swim, he had seizures and emergency medication in the pool, so I was hesitant. The Manager calmly said to me when he started, just send his swimming things in when you are ready. He has now been at Daycare for over three months and I know how well they care for him and how fond they are of him, so I had emailed and told them that I was ready after Easter. Yesterday I finally sent his trunks and towel in with him. Apparently he had a wonderful swim and enjoyed floating on his back in the water. It means he now has another activity he can enjoy and it is good for him to move about, more supported, in the water. I am delighted that it worked out and now he can go every Friday perhaps. They had a hydrotherapy pool at school but he rarely accessed it in reality, as it always seemed to be closed or they could not staff the swim, so hopefully he will have a more consistent experience now that he is at daycare. Not only was this fun for Joshua, but it marked a step-change in my faith in the daycare staff, I was showing that I now trust them enough to take our precious son in to the water, so that was a big day for us both.
  2. I have met some Mums that I am friends with from school at a café a couple of times now and there is another such meet-up in the diary soon. But yesterday I had invited four of them to our house for lunch – sadly only two could make it in the end due to illness, but we had a lovely time. I had done all of my cooking on Thursday evening, when Joshua was wiped out with his emergency medication, so yesterday morning I cleaned up for them coming, while Joshua was still in bed. I only had the hoovering and laying the table left to do when I drove Joshua to daycare. My two guests arrived at midday and I enjoyed having them in my home, we chatted and ate easily. We three have so much in common that it is always easy to talk with them ; one’s son is exactly a year younger than Joshua and so he is already in the daycare system too at another provision, so it is interesting to compare notes. The other Mum’s son is still at school but she has recently looked around Joshua’s daycare facility and loved it. The two Mums who could not make it both have younger daughters who are still at school. I feel very fortunate to continue to meet with friends that I made through my School Coffee Mornings, even after we have left school, when it would have been so easy to lose touch.
  3. After I collected Joshua from daycare, we drove , with a car weighed down with leftover food and four dogs, up to our holiday cottage, where we are staying for the weekend. I expected Joshua to be sleepy on the 2 hour journey, as he is so tired normally when he gets home, but he stayed awake the whole way. He must have been excited as I told him that we were meeting my sister/his aunt here and she was coming to stay with us, while my husband has a weekend away with his sisters and mother. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we both arrived at 5pm, at exactly the same time. We sat in the garden chatting and then I warmed tea up and afterwards, we walked with the dogs down to the village waterfall, where Joshua threw stones for the dogs to fetch. It was a lovely evening and I look forward to our day today too and the pub meal that we are booked in for tonight.

So there were three new things yesterday and all three went smoothly and were good fun, lets hope the rest of the weekend turns out the same after such a strong start.

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