‘All you Need is Love. But a Little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt’ ( Charles M. Schulz)

I am a self confessed feeder; I like to bake and cook for people and I get pleasure from making people happy with whatever I create. I like it when Joshua eats well, and I hate it when he refuses food, home-cooked or otherwise. Joshua tends to drink a lot of orange juice or eat a lot, but rarely does he do both. Yesterday was a food day for sure :

He had the expected lie in, but he had Weetabix with banana in bed to start his day off around 10.30. He was still tired, hiding his head under his duvet when I tried to persuade him to get up so that we could go out for the day. Eventually he emerged at 11 and once dressed, we managed to get him out into the car. I drove around to show my sister the sights and pointed out good places to visit, eat and shop for when she returns with her husband in the summer. When we arrived in the market town, we went in one homeware shop so that I could buy a new washing up bowl, which involved going upstairs in the lift. I was busy comparing the various sizes of bowl, as I had already bought one that was too large, when Joshua ran off along the aisle. Unfortunately he caught his foot on an ironing board, propped up against the wall, and he knocked him, and the board, onto the floor with a crash . We rushed to help him up and thankfully no real harm was done but it shook us all up, including the sales assistant who promised to re-arrange the display.

Even though he had no long finished breakfast, we nipped next door to his favourite café, planning on a toasted tea-cake brunch. But when we consulted our watches, we found it was already midday and as I had been up for 7 hours already, I was ready for lunch. I hesitated but ordered scampi and chips for Joshua, while my sister and I both enjoyed a ciabatta. Joshua ate the entire plateful with great gusto, much to my delight. We were all full as we made our way to an arboretum for an explore. I had not packed the wheelchair so Joshua was required to walk, which he was not keen about and he was pulling to go back, not really enjoying the beautiful trees. After persevering, I relented and we walked back to the café! The sun was out so we sat outside and I fetched him a packet of crisps with his orange juice and we had another pot of tea. having demolished the crisps, Joshua asked for toast! I went back inside the café and he ate two slices of brown toast with jam.

We then headed to the lake and we made some progress by allowing him to rest on alternate garden benches, admiring the stunning views. At 3pm we headed back to the cottage, as Joshua was clearly exhausted. Both he and I enjoyed a nap when we got in and I felt greatly refreshed by mine and grateful to my sister for entertaining him when he awoke before I did. They were playing ‘ball in basket’ happily together when I came downstairs. I had booked a table for 6.30 at the local pub for our evening meal, even though earlier in the day we had sworn that we would never eat again! Somehow Joshua managed to enjoy lasagne with garlic bread and a few chips and then he devoured a generous slice of chocolate fudge cake!

It was definitely a food, rather than drink day, and I think he will not now need to eat all week. But Joshua has found the words to get the food stuffs that he fancies as the day was peppered with additional requests for unhealthy snacks like ‘chocolate’ and ‘crisps’. I am expecting him to settle down today and revert to normal levels of eating, but perhaps he is fuelling another growth spurt or maybe just enjoying his Aunt’s company and celebrating in the best way that he knows.

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