Mermaid Magic

This morning will be my first wild sea swim for over a week, as conditions have not been calm enough and the key ladies who organise the early swims, have been on holiday. I cannot wait to get back into the sea, I have missed it. I am even wondering if it might be warm enough in the water to swim in my costume and abandon my wet suit, as it is June after all. It is the Summer Solstice next week and they had a big event last year to celebrate and ensure that they were swimming at sunrise. Some will be on the beach at 10pm the night before, staying up all night , whereas others will join them in the early hours of the morning. I will certainly be in the sea at sunrise, but have not yet decided what time I will join the other Mermaids. I will get Joshua into bed as usual first, whatever time I choose , and my husband will be in charge thereafter. I am pretty good at coping on very little sleep, but I will need some to be able to function for the rest of the day.

I am delighted to have found a safe, fun hobby and group to join which holds events at my best time in the morning – there aren’t many group activities that start at 6am or earlier. I have a cousin who has two young children under 5 and she is a full time Mum to them. She also needed a break and some female company, something just for her: so she joined a group of women who play team sport on roller skates! My cousin loved the camaraderie and the exercise of it, but sadly about a month ago she fell badly and broke her ankle in 3 places. She has had to have surgery and even now cannot weight-bear and needs help with her childcare, as even having a shower or making a cuppa, is challenging. My Aunt and Uncle are staying there now to be able to get the children dressed and off to nursery and their many activities. I am not sure if she will return to it once she is healed, as another injury is quite likely, but I understand the buzz and support that she will have gained from that group of ‘Wenches’, so that will be a strong pull back.

I know that I am too clumsy for anything on roller skates, so I will stick with the Mermaids , who offer me the same all-female support, some exercise – although we do not do too much actual swimming! – and an activity for me, just me. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, that the group is growing every week as new swimmers are discovering it. So even though I only began swimming in April, I already feel like an old hand and take my turn in welcoming new members to the group. I have some cake leftover from weekend and so, if it is not too dry, I will take it down to share on the beach after the swim too.

I take the dogs down to the beach with me too, though I will leave them at home for the Summer Solstice Swim, as I expect it to be too busy. Whereas these early swims attract a maximum of 10 swimmers, and the same Early Birds tend to attend, so they are now used to Ruby sitting on the shore, not moving, but watching me intently as I enter the water. She never comes in too, but quietly waits for me to emerge and then begs for baking from the entire group. Then once I am dressed, I get the other two dogs out of the car – as they would not be as good as Ruby at waiting and not barking – and we go for a walk along the beach to stretch our legs. It tends to be then that I start to feel the cold and not before, so I often put the car hot seats on, en route home again and jump in the bath when I get back to my sleepy home, the boys being none the wiser that I have even been out.

Bring it on Mermaids, lets do it!

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