My Life in My hands

Yesterday we took our puppy, Yogi, to the beach for his first seaside jaunt. He was loving the wide open space and was not scared of the waves or cold sea. He did not swim but splodged about in the water, chasing the other dogs. I was happily vidoeing the group of happy dogs playing together in the water and chasing a ball on the sand. My husband threw the ball a bit deeper and nobody was willing to swim to fetch it back, though our Jack Russell, Kevin, was tempted. So we agreed that I would remove my shoes and socks, and would paddle in to fetch the ball. I gave my husband my mobile phone to put in his pocket as my shorts pockets were small and I did not want to risk dropping my phone into the sea during my paddle. By the time I had removed my footwear, the ball had come in on the waves and so Kevin picked it up. So I paddled in the sea anyway, walking alongside Yogi and splashing him.

I decided to film some more footage of the dogs on the beach so asked for my iphone back. My husband felt in his pocket but it was nowhere to be found, it must have fallen out! So we re-traced our steps searching on the sand. We scanned the beach, walking backwards and forwards, up and down the beach, but there was no sign of it. It was surprising as it is in a large, metallic robust case as it is dropped by either me or Joshua every day, it is red and should have been obvious to see and he should have felt it fall too. My husband took two dogs back to the car and I walked back along the beach with Yogi and Ruby, they were enjoying the extra steps. The sky went black during our 90 minutes of searching and then heavy rain came down as my husband tried a technological solution, trying to track my phone. But visually scanning and digital tracking did not reveal my lost phone, so we came home empty handed, very wet and disappointed.

I was really cross and upset too. It is all the precious photographs and videos that I was sad about, worrying that they were lost forever. But my husband reassured me that they will be stored safely in the cloud! But I have since realised that much of my life is held on that mobile phone. I have reached for it so many times already and it has been missing for less than 24 hours :

  • I used it to complete online banking, so I need to recall my passwords to be able to bank from my laptop
  • I use Whats App to communicate with friends and family on a regular basis. I realised last night while cooking tea, how often I tend to catch up with people while cooking.
  • Joshua’s disabled railcard and rail tickets to Scotland for next month are stored on that phone
  • I google anything that I am curious about, such as Diana Ross’s age, shops opening hours, for telephone numbers and as a reminder of actors’ names. I have already missed that infinite resource
  • It is easier to check my emails on my phone than it is on my laptop and I tend to make short replies on my mobile, it is only longer emails that I sit down to my laptop
  • I like to browse Facebook to see what my friends and family are up to and I do this quickly and easily on my phone. I too post on Facebook photographs that I think others will enjoy, such as the fabulous views on my early walks
  • I do not know any of my friends phone numbers as they are all stored in my mobile phone. Yogi’s breeder was expecting videos of his first beach walk but I have no other way of communicating with her. Last night I needed to warn RDA that Joshua was asleep and would not be horse riding, but I do not know their mobile number.
  • My phone entertains me : I often listen to the radio and podcasts on it both at home and in the car and will sometimes watch Prime or Netflix in the bath.
  • I use Strava to record my walks and that is stored on my mobile phone, so there will be a gap in my exercise record
  • I check the weather app to judge how to dress Joshua for daycare and to predict when I will have a dry window to cut the grass.
  • I use my phone apps for home shopping : Amazon, Etsy and Bloom n Wild are in regular use
  • I love my camera and take daily photographs of sunrises, beach views, Yogi growing up and of smiling Joshua, which I share on Facebook and WhatsApp. I adore the Timehop app that shows me every day what we were doing on the same date on previous years, so it reminds me of happy times with Mum, pets that are no longer with us or places that we have visited.

I had to go Cold Turkey yesterday without my phone from the the afternoon and it felt as though my right arm had been cut off, my phone is an integral part of my life. I know that I can live without an iphone, but I do not really want to. So today I will be heading back to the O2 store ,where last month I swapped my mobile number from the business contract to a personal phone contract. Now I will need to purchase a replacement mobile phone so that hopefully I can pick up where I left off and capture the sunrise that is happening right outside my window now.

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