Our Scottish Roadtrip Part 3

Joshua behaved impeccably yesterday and his good behaviour began when he woke up at 9am. He asked for ‘Bix’ as he woke and I explained that as we were in a hotel, he had to get dressed first and go downstairs for his breakfast. He seemed to understand and he behaved as though he had always stayed in a hotel, as we descended the contentious stairs to the restaurant. There my best friend’s friend was already seated at a table, and she kindly invited us to join her. We must have been at breakfast over an hour as we chatted, while we enjoyed the delights from the buffet and a cooked breakfast too. I learnt about her life and I told her more about mine and inevitably I shed some tears, but it was great to have the opportunity to chat. We shared stories of how we met our mutual friend. Joshua survived the ‘grown ups talking’ by firing out random demands for more food like ‘toast’ and ‘banana’, so he ate well too. After breakfast I saw a message from my best friend telling me that her younger sister was coming over to see us, with her daughter, so we quickly brushed our teeth and walked the 4 minutes over to their house.

We received another warm welcome and almost immediately Joshua was offered crisps and chocolate. I laughed and replied that he had just had a large breakfast but 5 minutes later, he was requesting crisps! I teased my friend’s Mum, saying that she was a real ‘feeder’ and made me look like an amateur. It was wonderful to see my friend’s sister again and we shared a big hug and lots of chatter. It felt like old times again even though she now has two daughters in their 20s. We had lunch and then I asked if we could walk the familiar walk to school, so that I could see how it had changed. I pushed Joshua in his wheelchair, my friend followed with her Mum and her friend and we slowly walked the half mile to my old primary school, where we took photographs outside the door. On the way I reminisced to see where I had my piano lessons, the old police station, the old doctors surgery and the crossing where we joked with the lollypop man. It was all fresh in my memory even though it was 50 years ago and it had all changed, except the school building. The fields where we played opposite our old house are now covered in smart new houses.

Joshua and I stopped off at our hotel on the way back for a nap and we both dozed on our bed for around an hour and felt refreshed afterwards. My ex-neighbour came to collect us around 6pm and we walked back round to her house, where her son was waiting to meet us. That really was like stepping back in time as he is his late-father’s double, both in looks and in his teasing nature. He immediately greeted Joshua and when he flashed his tummy back at Joshua, he looked truly surprised and delighted. They kindly collected a delicious Indian takeaway for our evening meal and once again, we were very well fed. We had some photographs taken in the front garden and after 9pm, Joshua was asking for his bed. So we were walked back to our hotel. We have been made so welcome here and so it has been such a great stay that has flown by. We will head onto our next adventure after breakfast today and see what the day brings.

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