A Letter to my Son

Dearest Joshua

I am writing to you now as your mother, even though you are just a baby, to give you some advice that I would like you to heed as you grow up and make your way through this life :

  1. Always be kind to others. Treat other people, even total strangers, as you yourself would like to be treated and you will not go far wrong. So that might just be from a smile or a kind word to a stranger, ranging to doing something kind for a friend when they are in need. Your own kindness will be rewarded by you seeing that you have made others happy and that will give you a warm glow inside. You should always be kind to animals too; dogs will love you unconditionally if you are kind to them and there you will have a loyal friend by your side, for many years.
  2. Trust in your heart and gut to tell you the right thing to do. Do not feel that you ever have to do something that you are not comfortable with, just to fit in with the crowd. Be proud to go your own way, even if it is not the same way as everyone else, and stand up for what you believe in. Be confident enough in yourself and your own choices, if you listen to your heart and gut, you will not go far wrong. Try to be flexible and adaptable, rather than sticking too rigidly to a plan.
  3. Work hard but not too hard, so that it excludes everything else in life. Work will be just one aspect of your life, but do not sacrifice yourself and your own happiness to your employer. You are replaceable at work and so never let it dominate your life , to the exclusion of everything else. You will succeed if you work hard and are pleasant to your colleagues, but remember that the people that you work with, are not real friends, you simply have your employer in common. Make time in your life for friends and family, they are who really matter and they will not let you down.
  4. Try to find silver linings even when things feel as though they are going wrong, there is usually one there if you look hard enough. and they will get you through the rough times. Your life will be a bumpy ride, with both highs and lows in it – nobody’s life is perfect – but embrace every new experience and learn from it. Be grateful for all that you have in life and where possible, try to share your good fortune with others who might be in need.
  5. The Doctors have told us that you may not walk, talk, see or hear. Do you best to prove them wrong and dream big . Do not be constrained by your diagnosis, it is only part of who you are and it does not define you.
  6. Always know that you are loved beyond measure and that you will never be alone. You have got, in your parents, two fierce protectors who will move heaven and earth to take care of you, however old you are.

With Love Always

Mum xxx

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