Happy Yorkshire Day

We are away on the South coast on holiday, but yesterday was Yorkshire Day when we were encouraged to celebrate all things Yorkshire, from the pudding to the terrier! We live and holiday in Yorkshire and although my husband and I are not natives, we have been made to feel welcome as we have lived there for 33 years now. Joshua on the other hand is Yorkshire born and bred. There are many things that I love about Yorkshire :

  • The variety of scenery and countryside across the large county is amazing : from the flat landscape where we live by the coast, to the stunning green hills of the dales where we holiday, it is all spectacular. There is still so much more of the county that we still have to explore but I feel very fortunate to have both the hills and coast on our doorstep to enjoy.
  • I love the ‘no nonsense’ outlook of Yorkshire people : they tend to be blunt and matter of fact, but they have a heart of gold once you break through the exterior. They have a really dry sense of humour that is unique to the locals from this county but they will help out of you are in trouble and will not make a fuss about it.
  • We went to a ‘Yorkshire Food & Drink Festival’ a couple of weekends ago, and it celebrated all that is good about home produce from Yorkshire. The quality of what is grown and created there is really high, so we are lucky enough to eat very well.
  • Yorkshire-people have a real sense of pride over where they come from, similar to the Scots’ patriotism. They are confident that they live in the best part of England and want to protect their own identity fiercely. When Scotland voted for independence from London, there was talk about Yorkshire wanting the same privilege. It can be regarded as the poor relation – is it really ‘ Grim up North’? – but I think we found out during the recent Lockdown, that those living in Yorkshire were much more fortunate than anyone struggling in London.

Joshua was born in Yorkshire and has always lived in the same house, which we will have lived in for 27 years this month. He certainly has the Yorkshire sense of humour and some of the words that he says, come out with a regional accent too.

The only downside for Joshua is sometimes that the health services and choice of schools and respite provision are poor compared to some wealthier areas of the UK. We have had to travel out of our Local Authority region for respite when he was a child, as there were no options locally. We travelled to Great Ormond Street hospital for specialist brain surgery, as we did not have sufficient faith in the Yorkshire-based options that we were offered in Leeds or Sheffield. The county does not always benefit from the same investment as other parts of the UK, often getting forgotten it seems.

But I thank Yorkshire for making us welcome and for letting us set up home there, so that we can enjoy all of the many benefits of this beautiful county.

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