Day 3 : Holiday Fun & Games

Yesterday was a lovely day for several reasons :

  • It began well with a wonderful swim in the sea with 5 other mermaids at 7am. The sea was warm, clear and calm and we swam further than I have ever swum in the sea, round some buoys, so I was very pleased with myself. Ruby, our cocker spaniel, loyally sat on the shore waiting for me to get out and I had brought homemade cheese straws to share after our swim. We had definitely earned them.
  • I had time for a short walk with the dogs on top of the cliff above our town, where some of my parents ashes are scattered. So we walked to the spot and had a little word, admired the view then came back down again. We had the place virtually to ourselves and the views, despite the drizzle, were spectacular.
  • I was back in good time for my online appointment with a B&Q kitchen designer to discuss the changes that I would like to make to this kitchen, to bring it more up-to-date as we wish to replace the ancient gas cooker. The designer had some very clever software to enable him to make instant changes to the design in response to my reaction and it enabled me to visualise how it could look. I am still not sure whether to go ahead or not but it was a useful exercise to see what could be done.
  • I then walked into town to buy some breakfast goodies : fruit, yogurt, fresh bread and so we were ready to start the day, with Joshua finally waking up around 10ish. That suits me well as I have a few hours to myself and he is well rested, but it is not like the old days when he would sometimes sleep until after midday and so our holiday was disappearing before our eyes. After a bath, we were ready to head out on a day trip.
  • We went to Cowes to join the activities there for Cowes Week : the town was busy but we luckily managed to get a disabled cap parking space. We immediately stopped at a pub for a drink, while listening to a band playing. Then we found the inevitable scampi & chips for lunch – 2 portions between 3 of us and I think he let me have one scampi! – followed by a delicious crepe for pudding. We walked through the busy town to the sea front where a guitarist was playing and so we stopped for another drink, Joshua was entranced and very happy, so we stayed there for a while as my husband and I took it in turns to look at various stalls nearby. It was a happy afternoon.
  • We were all exhausted when we got back home and Joshua asked to go to bed for his nap, leaving me to doze on the settee. Unfortunately I had a rude awakening when he came down and sat on my head, as he was demanding something to eat! I made him a quick meal and the moment to nap was over. After he had eaten, he dozed on the settee allowing me time to make our evening meal all from home grown produce : we had a starter of corn on the cob from home, then runner beans with cheese on from my Aunt and Uncle’s garden and finally, I made a pudding of sponge on top of plums and blackberries brought from home.

So we had a good day from start to finish yesterday and I am hoping for another good one today , as I head out for my beach dog walk.

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