Day 5 : Holiday Fun & Games

Yesterday started off perfectly : I woke early and so I left the house on my dog walk at 5.45, in time to see the sun rising and the sky was spectacular. The sun was peeping out as we set off along the beach and as it rose, it gave the sky a golden glow which I was able to capture in a photograph. We walked along the beach and then up a hill at the end of the beach to the summit. I sat at 6.45 at the place where my parents ashes are scattered, soaking in the view and bringing them up to date on recent events. It was so peaceful up there. Reluctantly we walked down the hill again, by which time the world was starting to wake up so the beach was busier with dog walkers. I took the dogs home and quickly changed into my swimming costume, and went back down to the beach for a dip in the sea that had been calling me all morning. It was refreshing and clear, I swam around for about ten minutes and then returned home to make breakfast.

I was in the kitchen when I heard my husband call out : Joshua had got out of bed but had fallen into the bedside table with seizures, sending the lamp flying across the room. He was twitching in the corner when I got there and the seizures had made him soil himself too. So it was a grim scene that greeted me and all the good effects of the walk, sunrise and swim, soon disappeared. We helped him up and I cleaned him up, and got him back into bed. I gave him his porridge and medication, hoping that would stops the seizures, but as they continued, it was clear that I needed to administer his rescue medication as they were not stopping on their own. I gave him Midazolam and read him his favourite story while we waited for it to take effect, and slowly the twitching stopped and he relaxed into his pillow.

We then knew that we were in for a quiet day in the house, while he recovered. So my husband went out to the shops to buy me some holiday postcards to write and I sat in the sunny garden writing them, as Joshua slept. Later my husband went back to the shops to buy some fresh bread so that we could have sandwiches for lunch. A wobbily Joshua joined us for a late lunch and then he dozed on the settee. It was 5pm before he perked up enough for us to go down to the beach with the dogs. We had a cup of tea and toasted teacake at the beach café before the swim as he was closing really, then Joshua lay on the rug on the sand while my husband and I swam in the warm sea, encouraging each dog to join us one at a time. It was great fun and we stayed there for about an hour in the end.

As we were walking home, we were debating whether to get a takeaway for tea and we stopped at a bar, overlooking the beach, for a drink in the sunshine. We must have been quite a sight as we walked through the bar to the terrace, with four wet and sandy dogs . It was quite a challenge to tie all of the dogs up securely and then to thread Joshua’s long legs into the picnic bench but he was happy to be there. We decided to eat there again, and as Joshua was still recovering I ordered him a small fish goujons. It was enormous fish and chips when it arrived and he was clearly hungry as he ate every scrap of it, feeding himself, allowing me to focus on my vegetable curry, which was delicious too.

So after a beautiful start to the day, it went seriously downhill from mid morning, but it definitely picked up again by the evening, so all was not lost. Epilepsy, we will not let you spoil our holiday!

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