Getting back to normal

I stayed at home yesterday to take care of Joshua. It is always really hard to leave him and go to work, after a scare like we had this weekend, as I have a need to be close to him, to see for myself what is happening with him at all times . Yorkshire Grandma was on hand but I wanted to be his nurse and carer yesterday and it will not be easy to let go today. But I will go back to work this morning and leave his Dad in charge, but I am only 5 minutes drive away and I will have my mobile phone close by just in case I am summonsed back.

Joshua required very little from me yesterday as once up and breakfasted, he settled on the settee in his den where he watched his movies and Show, While I offered him snacks regularly. He had no real appetite yesterday and so he grazed rather than eating the meals that I prepared for him. He chose a bath over supper last night and he lay quietly enjoying the warm water for over an hour. I hope that his antibiotics will soon help him to feel better and more lively, as I am not used to this subdued boy.

He did not get out of his pyjamas all day yesterday and I lit a coal fire in his den to keep him cosy in there. But we will have to venture outside this afternoon as he has his first podiatry appointment, so I will wrap him up warm. The distortion to his right foot means that Joshua tends to walk on the side of his foot rather than flat on his soles and as a result, he has developed a hard callous on the side which might be painful. I am not sure if he will allow podiatry to feel , let alone treat, his foot, but we will give it a go. I made the apppointment last week for him. He likes to have his feet massaged and I rub moisturising cream into them each night after his bath, before bed, and  it makes him ‘dreamy’. But I am not sure how he will feel about a stranger touching his foot, especially if he is still feeling unwell, so wish us luck. I did warn the lady that I made the appointment with that there was a risk that the therapist may get kicked or hit, but I was reassured that they are used to dealing with such patients and that they will have strategies to ensure that they get cooperation.

Business as Usual

It is back to work today, so it was time to pack up yesterday, to take the decorations down and to clean up after ourselves. My husband and I have got into a routine of the various chores that we each do and he is responsible for cleaning the bathroom, clearing out the fire and setting a new one and yesterday he had to also remove our outside Christmas lights. Joshua was clearly bored waiting for us to get ready as we were leisurely in our approach, which began after breakfast. At one stage, he found me in the kitchen with his splint which meant that he wanted to get dressed, so I obliged and dressed him, but left his slipper socks on rather than swapping them for his muddy boots. When I returned to my chores, he was more insistent and returned with his splint again and so I cleaned as much mud off as I could and put his splints and boots on.

When I went outside later to the dustbins, he sneaked out behind me and began pulling on the car door handle, he was ready to go now. I explained that we were not ready, that I still needed to hoover up, but he was insistent once again. I fetched the keys to the truck and he climbed inside, so I turned on the CD player so that he could be entertained while he waited. We are at the end of the village so there is no traffic and are no passersby, so I was confident that he was safe. I observed him from inside and he was jigging up and down to the music, happy that he had got his way. I vacuumed downstairs and when I was upstairs doing the bedroom, I looked down to see him wriggling out of the car,but still with his seat belt on so he was in a tangle. So ten minutes after he had insisted on waiting outside, he came back indoors.

Joshua then decided to help out; if you can’t beat them, then join them he must have thought as he took the Dyson from my hands. He began to earnestly vacuum the kitchen floor, grinning away, very pleased with himself. I stepped back and allowed him to take over and began to empty the fridge instead and he took the cleaner into the lounge where I could hear him continue to hoover. He made me laugh as when I went into the lounge, he was sitting on the settee, pushing the hoover backwards and forwards in a leisurely pose, so that only one patch of carpet received the Joshua treatment. But I loved his understanding of what needed to be done and his earnest involvement in the family clean-up.

As I return to work today and leave both of my boys at home together, I will miss them both as the joy of Christmas holidays is spending so much quality family time together.