Last night in his bath Joshua was laughing in stitches,almost making himself cry with laughter, at fake burping and wind noises. Once he had recovered himself, he would look at me expectantly awaiting the next funny noise. He has a great sense of humour but that is its level : rude noises, tripping people up, loud sneezes and people hiding then jumping out at him , shouting boo are all hilarious. But word humour, jokes, are too sophisticated for him – he is not interested in my favourite joke about the man who ordered kidlies in the butcher’s shop. The butcher replied ‘dont you mean kidneys’ and the customer sais ‘thats what I said diddle I?’! That never fails to make me giggle, but it would be meaningless to Joshua.

Your sense of humour is a very personal thing and nobody really can tell you what is funny and what is not funny. To be honest, I dont mind what Joshua laughs at, I just love to hear his belly laugh and see him crease his face up in pure joy. I often exaggerrate my reactions and actions in order to raise a laugh from him. At the moment a big loud sneeze is the funniest thing, so that is what he hears from me.

Smiling and laughter are really important in life and I realise that, while I am not a comedian or big joke teller, I do make it my mission to try to make people smile. Yesterday while getting my shopping en route to work, I fell for a special offer : I could buy three Malteser reindeer for £1.20, so I spontaneously decided to get 12 for my colleagues. Instead of putting them into my carrier bags, I stuffed these Rudolphs into my coat pockets for easy access and continued my way into the office, where I began to distribute the chocolate treats. They made people smile, as an unexpected treat usually does, well apart from the office-slimmer who was cross with me. The fact that I kept producing endless chocolate from my coat pocket really added to the humour, although I was asked if I had shop-lifted them and stuffed them into my pockets.

I then went upstairs to my office , to find a parcel on my desk: it was some biscuits from Germany from a grateful client. It was totally unexpected and it made me grin with delight. So at mid-morning coffee time I shared those delicious nutty biscuits with my colleagues, who thought that I was the Christmas fairy yesterday. Simple things – usually sweet things I find – bring people much pleasure and what can be wrong with that on a gloomy, wet day.