Day 3 of Holidays

After our long drive here, I like to have a day when we do not get back in the car, but we walk around and yesterday was that day. It was drizzling on my early dog walk but it was still warm, and once the rain stopped, the day got hotter and hotter. Joshua obliged beautifully by enjoying another late lie in, which enabled me to cut the grass. It was always the first thing that Mum did as soon as she arrived, she would unpack the car and would get the lawnmower out, so it was making me uncomfortable knowing that I had left it for a full day! It looked so much better once the grass was cut as it hoovered up the fallen twigs too, so it looked cared for again. Joshua woke up only once the work was done, which is a good trick.

The highlight of the day only came in the evening, when we had taken a walk down to the pier as he enjoys the noise, lights and young people at the amusements there. Again, it is the first time for years that he has walked there, rather than us taking the wheelchair and once the beach and pier were in sight, he raced there, pulling us along in his enthusiasm to get there. He loved walking through the slot machines and I even found two 2 pence coins in my purse, which we wrecklessly  blew on the penny falls machine, winning 6 pence, which of course we ploughed back into the machine, but we had fun in the process. We walked along the wooden pier where our appetites were awakened by the tasty smells of a cafe there, so we did a detour for egg and chips for tea, which were surprisingly tasty.

Joshua got restless while his Dad was still eating, so I took him down to the end of the pier where he spotted the dodgems with three kids bumping away. He was fascinated and pulled to get into a bumper car too. I explained that we would go and get Dad and he was unimpressed as we walked back to the cafe to fetch him. It was quite an operation getting both of their long legs into the dodgem but they managed it and I paid the £2 fee and off they whizzed. They went round and round, with Joshua beaming all the way around. He had known what he wanted and by the look on his face, it had lived up to his expectations. They spun round and round the track on their own, thankfully nobody else was there as he might not have appreciated being banged, and he was grinning all of the time. It was such fun to see him enjoy a ride like that with his Dad, as usually he rejects anything in a fairground. But mainly I loved how adamant he was over what he wanted to do, our passive, compliant son has been replaced by a walking, determined teenager who is able to make choices and stick to them, until he gets his way. It is about time!